Adobe Creative Cloud Training

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Whether you’re starting a business, transitioning to a new design-based role,  building your portfolio, or updating your existing software skills, I can help you unlock the full potential of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

With more than 25-years’ experience of training users at all levels, I can evaluate your skills and advise you on what course(s) to take.

Real World
I’m not just a trainer of Adobe applications; first and foremost, I’m a user. I bring a critical perspective forged from many, many hours of using the software in live situations. In my classes we solve real design problems. The aim is always to create professional work in the most efficient way possible, using industry best practices.

Courses are onsite at your office or online via video conference. We work at your pace and each course is tailored to your needs. Typically, a course lasts two days—6 classroom hours each day, plus an hour for lunch.

• InDesign Beginner
• InDesign Intermediate
• InDesign Advanced
• InDesign Typography
• InDesign for Interactive Documents
• InDesign for Editors

• Photoshop Beginner
• Photoshop Intermediate
• Photoshop Advanced
• Photoshop for Photographers
• Photoshop for Web Designers
• Photoshop for Print Designers

• Illustrator Beginner
• Illustrator Intermediate
• Illustrator Advanced
• Illustrator Logo Design Techniques

• Lightroom Introduction

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The industry-standard page layout tool, Adobe InDesign is immensely powerful yet incredibly intuitive, and—once you get the hang of it—a joy to use. Whether you intend to create single-page flyers or thousand -page catalogues,  I can get you started. And if you’re already a seasoned pro, I can dramatically improve your workflow. I’m experienced in creating all sorts of InDesign documents for print and for screen. I use InDesign every day and have been using it since it first arrived on the scene—and before that I was using its predecessors.

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Everyone knows about Adobe Photoshop, but how many people really know how to use it? My Photoshop classes stress the need to be both methodical and adaptable—to combine tools in unexpected ways, and to go beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Whether you’re coming to Photoshop as a graphic designer, a web designer, a photographer, or a fine artist, you’ll find my non-destructive and flexible approach a boon to your productivity and creativity.

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If you need to create crisp vector artwork, either for print or screen, Adobe Illustrator is the way to go. Whether it’s a logo, a map, an infographic, a unique type treatment, or a hand-crafted illustration, Illustrator’s powerful suite of tools puts a wealth of possibilities at your creative fingertips. When teaching Illustrator, I like to deconstruct and recreate iconic works of graphic design (most of them created long before Illustrator existed) as a way of getting inside the creative process.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is lean, mean, and modular. If you’re a photographer needing a streamlined workflow for batch processing your images as well as an efficient, painless way of managing your ever-expanding image library, then you’ll benefit tremendously from knowing Lightroom. Lightroom combines the power of RAW image editing with image cataloguing and keywording. The output modules allow you to create prints, slide shows, and web galleries. Lightroom is so powerful to use—and so much fun—that you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

If you’d like to know more about customised training of Adobe applications for yourself or your organisation, please get in touch:

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